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USPSA Action Pistol Shooting


Welcome to the Port Malabar IPSC/USPSA website. Our range is located in sunny Palm Bay, Florida and features 7 Action Bays that allow shots up to 40 yards! Matches are scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of every month, but always check below to confirm (if a hurricane is scheduled at the same time it wins!).

Match fees are $10 for PMRPC members and $15 for non-members, tax included. Active LEO and Military shoot for free and Juniors shoot for free with paying adult. You do NOT have to be a member of USPSA to shoot the match - so come on out!!!

Speed limit on all range property is 10 MPH and is strictly enforced. Port Malabar is a cold range and weapons can only be handled at designated "SAFE AREA" tables or under command of a Range Officer, NOT AT YOUR VEHICLE. Ammo is NOT allowed on safe tables. Also, when in the Action Bay Area, eye protection is mandatory at all times, regardless if you are shooting or just watching. Safety is our first concern, with fun following a close second!

RANGE MEMBERS: If you would like to setup a stage the week preceeding the match, please let me know. It is always a HUGE help AND you shoot for FREE!

Attention - Stage Designers Wanted!!! If you have stage ideas and can't do a setup, e-mail them to me, you may be shooting them the next time you come out!


Mike Selvetti
USPSA# TY56101

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments about our sport, a match or this website.

Upcoming Match

OUR NEXT MATCH IS September 13th


Most Recent Match Results 

Another hot one in the bag.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Steve and Frank for setup This month was the hottest we have had and it was hell on just the 3 of us. If you have the time, please think about coming out and helping with setup. Please thank them when you see them!

Also a big thanks to Steve for checking everyone in, Kelly for doing the scores and Frank/Steve for papering.  Please remember without their help the matches could not be done. I may get the thanks (and the moaning), but they make it happen! Make sure to thank them!!!

Lastly, PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR SCORES!!!!! This month we were back to the old days of whole squads not adding the totals and shooters paying the price by not getting all their hits and receiving "No Penalty" Mike's instead of what they may have shot. Even a few times were missed!!!! So if you are doing the score keeping, do the WHOLE job!


As always, if you have any ideas for stages drop me an e-mail and we can try them out, but no, I won't make them easier!!
As an FYI, scores are usually posted on the USPSA website before here, it's just easier! Go to WWW.USPSA.ORG and go to Match Results. Our club number is FL16. Our website will always post the combined results for reference.
Here are the results:

PMRPC USPSA Aug 2014 .pdf



Steel matches are back at Port Malabar!

Click HERE to go to the PMRPC Steel Shoot Website.

These matches are held the 1st Saturday of the month.


 Stay tuned



Remember to attend the quarterly board meeting to see how YOUR club is doing.





Directions to PMRPC


Previous Match Results

PMRPC USPSA Aug 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jul 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jun 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA May 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Apr 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Mar 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Feb 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jan 2014 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Dec 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Nov 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Oct 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Sep 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Aug 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jul 2013 Classifier Match.pdf  

PMRPC USPSA Jun 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA May 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Apr 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Mar 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Feb 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jan 2013 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Dec 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Nov 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Oct 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Sep 2012 .pdf 

PMRPC USPSA Aug 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jul 2012 Classifier Match.pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jun 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA May 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Apr 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Mar 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Feb 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jan 2012 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Dec 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Nov 2011 .pdf

October was rained out!

PMRPC USPSA Sep 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Aug 2011 .pdf  

PMRPC USPSA Jul 2011 Classifier Match.pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jun 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA May 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Apr 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Mar 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Feb 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Jan 2011 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Dec 2010 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Nov 2010 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Oct 2010 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA Sep 2010 .pdf  

PMRPC USPSA Aug 2010 .pdf

PMRPC USPSA July Classifier Match 2010.pdf

PMRPC USPSA June 2010.pdf  

PMRPC USPSA May 2010.pdf

PMRPC USPSA April 2010.pdf

March was rained out!

PMRPC USPSA February 2010.pdf

PMRPC USPSA January 2010.pdf

PMRPC USPSA December 2009.pdf

PMRPC USPSA November 2009.pdf

PMRPC USPSA October 2009.pdf

PMRPC USPSA September 2009.pdf

PMRPC USPSA August 2009.pdf 

PMRPC USPSA July 2009.pdf

PMRPC USPSA June Classifier Match 2009.pdf

PMRPC USPSA May 2009.pdf

PMRPC USPSA April 2009.pdf


Information - United States Practical Shooting Association Website - International Practical Shooting Confederation Website - Official Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club Website - Malabar's 3 Gun Competition - Shot 3rd Saturday Every Month - Malabar's International Defensive Pistol Assocation - Shot 4th Sunday Every Month - Free Adobe Reader to view scores


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