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Looking for a match to shoot in Central Florida?

Here you go!!!

A good monthly schedule is: Volusia USPSA, CFRPC Action Steel (or Frostproof USPSA), CFRPC USPSA and OK Corral USPSA 

Remember to always check with the clubs for start times and to make sure match is still on.

Hope to see you out there!

1st Sat Volusia USPSA (Paul)
1st Sun      
2nd Sat CFRPC Club Steel (odd)CFRPC Action Steel (even)Volusia SteelOK Corral Steel 
2nd Sun Titusville Fun Steel Frostproof USPSA   
3rd Sat St Augustine USPSACFRPC Tac Multi GunAncient City Steel  
3rd Sun CFRPC USPSA    
4th Sat OK Corral USPSAVolusia USPSA (Ray)Frostproof 3 Gun
CFRPC 3 Gun (Gary)Ancient City USPSA
4th Sun Volusia Steel    

5th Sat 

5th Sun


Titusville Shotgun

Titusville Multi Gun


Websites and info



Ok Corral



Ancient City

St. Augustine


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